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Geraldine Shiels

Welcome and congratulations. If you have found yourself here it is because you are about to improve your life satisfaction and overall happiness.

“This is not just Therapy and Personal Development, this is Education. “

Introducing Geraldine Shiels

Let me introduce myself.
I am a prominent Positive Psychologist with a passion for working and delivering phenomenal results with women who want to ensure guaranteed personal development. Whether they are female entrepreneurs, mothers, employed, unemployed or students, I work with ALL women so they can become emotionally independent, stable, fulfilled and happy.

I am a highly qualified, professional change maker!

I have an insatiable thirst for learning (as born out in my qualifications) and I use techniques and strategies from many scientifically endorsed areas to guarantee results. 

I admit to being a rare mix of academic, scientific and spiritual. Many women have told me this is a breath of fresh air for those who work with me.  

When you work with me, together we deliver!

Why you should sign up to this course…

Many women are clear about what they want, but confused about how to get it. They find themselves doing the same thing, year after year, getting the same results. Many are reading self-help books which inspire them but effect little long-term change. Many more invest their money in clothes, holidays, home furniture, cosmetics and treatments as life passes by.

The Positive Psychology & NLP Personal Development Program

There are 4 parts to this 6-month program

1 Individual Personalised 1-to-1 Program
2 Monthly Group Workshops
3 Weekly Worksheets/Journal Exercises/Tasks
4 Closed Instagram Group

“Working with Geraldine has given me the insight and ability to change my behaviour in a way I never thought possible”


(Agency photos may appear when client request confidentiality or photos are not available)

“A clear, knowledgeable presenter who is engaging and obviously walks her talk”


The Positive Psychology & NLP Personal Development
Discover a set of life skills to ensure you can solve every life challenge for ever more

Please DM me
Geraldine loves to chat!

Let’s not take life too seriously!


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